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The Story of Dodgy Jack: featuring 4 great songs. Available to download on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and TikToc.

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Flaming June! Dodgy Jack return again to The Black Lion!

Saturday 4th June 2022, The Black Lion Surbiton

The lad's last gig in March was a yet another great night.

Dodgy Jack are proud to return on Saturday June 4th.

As well as some great rock covers, the lads will feature the 4, songs that feature on their new EP, The Story of Dodgy Jack.

Welcome to our Dodgy world

Dodgy Jack have one simple philosophy. We believe that if we enjoy, really enjoy, playing the music we love – you'll enjoy listening, drinking  and/or dancing to it. 
​During the dark days of the lockdown we have been hard at work (in a socially-distanced manner), crafting a set that is sure to get you moving, spill a bit of beer, tinkle a bit white wine and have a laugh. 

​Just listen to the sample from one of our gigs...

Here's a Dodgy Video!

meet the dodgy lads

Simon The Law


Believe it or not, this man has a PhD in something we're not allowed to talk about. Simon however lets his guitars speak for himself. They are fluent in many languages; Les Paul, Telecaster, 335 etc etc. All are beautiful.

Simon Le Fey

Bass & Vocals

He's the dark wizard of the lower register but sings like an angel above. He once played in a boy band with somebody famous but successfully managed to get fired. Currently in therapy to cure his urge to buy more bass guitars.

Alan The DOC

Guitar & Vocals

Alan secretly wishes he had been born a Simon (as well as being 6 foot tall with a mane of blonde hair). He used to be in the opening act for many world-famous bands without actually becoming famous himself. (He's not a real doctor btw.)

Bog Le Batteur


Bog's real name is Simon but we decided there were too many Simons in the band. When Bog isn't hitting drums with forensic precision he pounds the keyboard of an ultra-secret quantum computer in a government bunker. When he's not doing that he cycles the wild, wet moorlands of this fair land.

Fey Thoughts

by Simon le Fey

I once belonged to a boy band in Bath the ‘80s. Although the boy part of the description wasn't really accurate.

I was in my late 20s and the guitarist and drummer were both even older.

And yes, they did fire me.

However the keyboard player did go on to become famous – very famous.

More details will be provided via an after-gig slide show. But the picture shown at left is a clue.

Speaking of fame, I did once have the same hairdresser as Tears for Fears.

The biggest venue I ever played was Gold Diggers in Chippenham with another Bath band, called Frame by Frame.

We played to 2,000 young farmers and other assorted livestock. We shared a stage with the Stranglers, Style Council and The Boomtown Rats.

But not on the same night. 

Nowadays I like collecting bass guitars, and lying about my past.

Guitar Porn

Simon's Many, Many, GuitarS.

From left:  Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul VOS and yet another Telecaster.